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Thursday, September 08, 2011

My Creative Space

I am enjoying a day off today! OK, so I took Wombat to the doctor this morning, but he was enjoyable company and we had morning tea so it was fun. Then we came home and I have been managing to relax creatively ever since!

The latest non-haiku. I;m not sure why the photo is so bad, other than my dubious photography skills. Oh, and the fact that the camera is dying and is going to be replace sometime soon. (Not that that will improve my photography skills, but maybe the pictures will bebetter by default anyway!)

The latest completed hat.

The latest hat-in-progress. I am actually get sick of hats but I want to finish off the yarn I bought to knit hats, which means one more after this one, and then embellish them and get them up for sale at Mazey Pretty Things.

And I have spent some time on my luvverly new sewing machine. I am making a Mazey patchwork cloth to cut up and embellish and turn into brooches, etc. I think of it as my version of a 'complex cloth' and each layer adds extra to it.

This week at work hasn't been too bad - I have been able to concentrate on my actual job, which I quite like, rather than running around doing other people's work as well as my own. And then having today off helps! Performance review tomorrow - a little nervous.

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karen said...

I am sure your review at work will have been fine....ten gold stars and top of class no doubt!!

2paw said...

A day off sounds lovely and to spend it having a pleasant morning tea with Wombat must be so nice!!
I could have the world' best camera and still have a wobbly photo!!
Love that hat, good luck with the others.
Oh making your own special collaged fabric, how wonderful.
Good luck with the review, I would feel iffy as well!!

mrspao said...

Looks like a wonderfully creative day!