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Monday, August 29, 2011

Brisbane 3

While we were away, we sent Sirius off to have a happy long weekend with two labrador friends of hers.   She romped so much that she needed a serious bath when she came home.  She does not approve of baths!  She always looks a poster child for the RSPCA afterwards.

This was my breakfast on our last morning.  It tasted even more divine than it looked.  Potato, spinach and fetta cakes, a poached egg, parmesan crisps and tomato salsa.  I am salivating even now ...

I had a gorgeous time at a Surrealism exhibition in the Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA) but couldn't take any photos there.  This is a Bridget Riley in the permanent exhibition - though come to think of it that might have been in the other art gallery there.  Can't remember!

Having a drink outside the restaurant at the other art gallery.  Interesting sculpture.

The ibii think they are sparrows.

And I leave you with the alien invasion of Brisbane.  It is stealthy.  It is disguised as art.  It IS coming to get you!


2paw said...

Poor Sirius, if looks could kill... I do know two Labradors could lead a dog astray though!!
Wow, that s one delicious looking breakfast!!
I love those metallic ball sculpture thingies, I am afraid!!!

mrspao said...

Love the ibis! What a beautiful bird. Interesting sculpture :)
Love the look on Sirius' face!!

planettreasures said...

that breakfast looks amazing! Where on earth did you find it?

karen said...

oh I love those big metal spheres!! and you made me hungry now with the picture of your breakfast!!!