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Thursday, August 04, 2011

My Creative Space

Well my work week has been distinctly uncreative, being fraught with tedious but stressful issues that i just want to forget about.  So I am surrounding myself with wonderful, creative purchases - and yes, most of them have been bought this week, except for two of the books that I bought a month ago and then forgot about!

After six months of working for a living I had saved up enough to buy myself a new sewing machine in a sale.  The last day of the sale!  It is a Janome Memory Craft 6500 and it does whizzy things.  I believe.  It will probably be Saturday before I have the concentration and energy to actually try it out.  But the instruction manual is interesting! 

Graham certainly thinks so, anyway.  Now he will be able to tell me when I am doing something wrong!  And to give him his due, he actually does know quite a lot about the subject in general and I expect he will soon be up to speed on this particular beast.  Maybe I will follow Baby Bear's lead and give it a name (she names all her musical instruments).

And then I bought some books, mostly at the Craft Fair at Jeff's Shed the other weekend, all which I am hoping will provide creative inspiration of one sort or another.  And I actually bought another three today but they can wait for another photo session!

For more creative spaces, pop over here.  Maybe some of them have actually made something rather than just buying inspiration!


dash robin said...

how handy to have a instruction reader in the house-I usually juts look at instructions as a last resort, or after things have gone wrong!! Have fun with your new toy :o) Thanks for popping past my bloggy, xoKate

2paw said...

I always just start using new equipment, I am like most Australians and just assume I can work it out. You are so lucky to have a wonderful machine and an instruction readerer!!
Nice books, really nice!!

Jackie @ Fred-and-Cissy said...

Love the look of that knitting book - hope you get to try out your new toy soon.

karen said...

well done on the spends!! you deserve it!

Sometimes Unwilling Guru said...

Ooh nice machine,I think its the same as mine,I havent had it out for a while so cant remember,how sad is that!
Thank you for visiting,Im getting back into writing my journal but unfortuanley a local bloke found it and I have to careful what I write.Stress for me and my boys is my DH starting a new business where I dont think hes done the right research and having a taxbill as well,its scary.
PS I love your beading too and the hat!

mrspao said...

Lovely sewing machine and glad to see you have an instruction reader, too. I like the look of your new books too :)