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Friday, August 26, 2011

Brisbane 2

I think I mentioned in the last post that there was some great street architecture in Brisbane.  I can't quite remember where this was, though possibly on Southbank, where there are some excellent museums/galleries/theatres etc.

I stood on the exact spot on the quarterdeck of HMAS Diamantina where Japan surrendered to the Allied Forces on the two dates mentioned above.  That was actually rather an eerie feeling.

Read this notice carefully.  Notice the flaw?

That's right, ibises (ibii?) can't read!

More street architecture, this time of the suspended kind.  Not far away from this, at street level, seems to be a popular spot for street performers.  I can't remember if the young man there when I was taking this photo was juggling fire or swords, or maybe flaming swords, but you get the general idea.

These are not great pictures of a stunningly beautiful thing.  A bougainvillea walk.  The sweeping curves of the steel and the wire were amazing.  The bougainvillea itself was only just coming into bloom, though I imagine it would look spectacular in full flower, but on the other hand this enabled one to see the underlying structure better.  Just believe me that it was absolutely gorgeous.

Um, that is a tree.  Obviously.  Of some sort.  That we don't get in Melbourne.


2paw said...

So much art, I like the suspension one. Silly birds, fancy not being able to read!! I do believe you!!

Bear Chick said...

Such a beautiful city! It reminds me of Seattle, where public art abounds.

mrspao said...

Thanks for sharing your photos - they're great :)

I went to Brisbane a very long time ago but remember enjoying it.

Cami said...

I love the tour of the city. Hope to get there someday. Love the "don't feed the Ibis" sign too! Florida has it's share of lovely birds as well.