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Thursday, July 28, 2011

My Creative Space

I spent this week finishing off a prototype hat design.  While I still think it was an amusing idea, various feedback from people has made me think that, though I might make a vague attempt to sell something like this, it might not work.

We start off with a simple, comfortable cloche-cum-beanie.  This one is knitted out of a nice, smooth acrylic/microfibre mixture that feels really nice to the touch (though obviously it is less warm than wool).

We gather together some embellishing supplies.  Pipecleaners, a bag of - well, what do YOU think they might be? - and a bag of assorted yarns.

Silliness ensues.  A pair of retro, vintage specs are sewn in place just where you would put them if you were to push your retro, vintage specs up on top of your head.

And then a pipecleaner is wrapped in novelty yarn, bent into shape (sort of) and wrapped around the nose-piece of the glasses, thus making removable antennae/antlers.

Well, I thought it was funny.  A couple of people have told me that it would not raise an eyebrowin their local neighbourhood.  I might wear it myself.  But would you?  Would you BUY something like this?  Is there any point in me putting in my new born MadeIt shop which so far has not even sold anything at all?

OK, at least I was creative.  And to see how other people have been creative this week, here is the linkety link :)


2paw said...

I wouldn't buy them with the glasses, because that's where i hope to find my own glases whenever I lose them. Sadly this has not worked so far with my sunnies. Damn. Nice hat though!! Maybe it is an Art happening rather than just a piece of clothing??!!

karen said...

innovation for sure!! I wouldn't wear it but I know some who would!!