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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Me-Made-March 2011 - the preparation

I survived another week at work.  The first time I have worked a five day week.  It's killing me!  But it is also getting easier.  Easier to do the tasks required, that is, not easier on the energy.  There's something I really, really want to do tomorrow (Sunday) but I am afraid that if I do it, I won't be able to get out of bed on Monday, and I HAVE to be able to get out of bed on Monday - and Tuesday, etc.

Me-Made-March is a-coming.  What with the job and the having packed everything, it is going to be restricted to: two necklaces, two bracelets, several brooches and maybe three bookmarks; plus I have bought a few pieces of material which I am going to turn into very simple scarves; plus I am busy crocheting a felted bag which I hope to be using before the end of the month; and I have plans to repurpose a cardigan and a top to be worn at some point.  If all else fails I may have to semi-cheat and claim a hand-knitted kitchen towel for the day's item, as I always have one in the kitchen and they are all made by me!  It is complicated by the fact that for four days a week I have to wear what I refer to as 'corporate lite' and most of my textile jewellery and other handmade stuff is not so suitable for that (we have Casual Fridays, thank goodness!).  If the weather is coolish, which it may or may not be in March in Melbourne, I can also wear a handknitted cardigan which is suitable for work or otherwise in a cotton-acrylic blend, my beautiful beaded denim jacket and, not for the corporate lite days, handknitted socks.

Back to crocheting.  And I have to sew some brooch backs onto things too.

I will photograph everything and post once a week, I think.  I might even get round to joining the Flickr group, if I have the energy.


2paw said...

Good luck with MMM. I had to give it a miss as I am just too tired. Yuck, corporate dress. Our Librarians are allowed to be way out or staid, whatever they like!! I am imagining you dancing about the kitchen now, dressed in a hand knitted towel!!!

karen said...

good luck with the juggling!! One thing I didn't like about work was the dress code too...we are so not being ''ourselves''. x

mrspao said...

You can do it!