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Monday, February 07, 2011

Bobby the Ram Does Central Victoria

Despite this happening just before the end of last year, I have not got round to finishing off Bobby's adventures for the time we went to the Geelong Wool Museum and then on to stay the night with friends in Beaufort, followed the next day by a leisurely trip through some parts of Central Victoria on the way home.

It all looks very dry and was locusty at the time.  Subsequently most of it is or has been under water.

 We all climbed up a viewing tower at Maryborough.  There were locusts.
 Bobby was restrained from entering these licenced premises!
 Culture vulture.
 I need a drink!
 More flippin' historical buildings!
Rams don't read books.

So we took him home, firmly placed in my handbag.


mrspao said...

Bobby the Ram is very cute!

2paw said...

Bobby certainly gets around. I think he should watch ut for those locusts!!