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Monday, March 28, 2011

Me-Made-March 2011 Week 4

I've tried to be more original this week and not repeat anything.
On Tuesday I wore these earrings (my own design, a similar pair has appeared at least once this month) in pinks and greens, with a pink floral skirt, a white Tshirt and black leggings.

On Wednesday I was on a roll with earrings.  These are also my own design, a slightly truncated version of the long ones because of the bigger beads.  I doubt if the 'turquoise' chips were real turquoise but I liked them anyway.  I wore them with grey pants and an embellished, asymmetrical top in shades of teal and turquoise and mauve and black, the sort of thing I would like to have made myself but actually bought.

On Thursday I wore the third of the quick, simple scarves, with a favorite plain cream rayon shirt and black pants.  The purple and the satin-cum-burnout velvet effect looked pretty damn good, though I say so myself!  It is the same width all the way down, honest, I just folded it badly when I took the photo.

Friday was the wedding!!!  I missed Casual Friday at work, but on the other hand, I HAD THE DAY OFF WORK.  I had had once had grand plans to make a dress to wear to the wedding, when it was announced six months ago, but that was before the whole Move House and Get A Job thing happened.  So I bought something in a sale, and then a 'pashmina' in another sale.  And wore nothing homemade.  Unlike the bride, who carried ...

Actually the Matron of Honour carried the mostly white one.  In the mostly blue one, the ruffly rosette on the middle right hand of the picture is the one I made at the bridal shower, previously blogged about.

It was the most gorgeous wedding and I cried buckets.  They were so happy and radiant with joy.  And nothing beats the Astor Theatre as a wedding venue!

And as it was cold, when we got home I changed into jeans and socks made by me.  Knitted from one of those soy/chiton/cotton/etc blends.

On Saturday I could have worn something made by me but I wanted to show off another of my favorite hand towels.  Made from leftovers of Rowan Dk cotton from long ago.

On Sunday I wore jeans and a grey top with spooky silver and grey and black printing all over it, and this cuff.  It's another of those crazy patchworky things for which I need a better name.  I think it looks pretty wicked, and it's surprisingly comfortable.
As the last week of Me-Made-March 2011 only has another four days to go, I am finishing off this post here and will do the last four days at the end of the week.  I will be quite sorry when this is over!  There may be a repeat or two next week though I will try to remain original, but I suspect that Monday, at least, will be a repeated brooch because it goes exactly with the clothes I want to wear.


2paw said...

I juts love your earrings and I so enjoy reading your descriptions of your outfits!!
Gorgeous bouquets and a lovely wedding is a wondrous thing!!
Good luck with the final four days!!

Sandi said...

I like the sound of all the different outfits you have put together. Isn't it nice to wear something you have made yourself and receive compliments.

mrspao said...

What a wonderful bouquet! You've been doing so well in Made me March!