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Monday, March 21, 2011

Me-Made-March 2011 Week 3

This is definitely a lot easier than I thought it would be!  The danger is now that I will get addicted to telling the world what I wear every day, which, believe me, is not actually that interesting in the long term :)

On Tuesday, you guessed it, I wore the glass brooch again.  Baby Bear paid me the compliment of saying that 'it doesn't look like something you made in a workshop, it looks like something someone else made and you paid lots of money for'.  At least I think that is a compliment!  When I get moved and settled in and unpacked - like in the next decade - I will dig out the microwave kiln and glass supplies that I bought in a flush of enthusiasm after that workshop, and make more of them.  Maybe even sell them!!  Oh yes, this week I wore it with the same purple top as last week, with a smashing skirt in a Japanesy style in assymetrical panels of black fabric interspersed with the same black fabric printed with a purple stylised floral pattern, and embellished with some random lengths of black grosgrain ribbon.  I am rediscovering clothes that I have only worn once or twice because they were too good for everyday, and wearing them to work!  I love this skirt and the pattern would be easy to copy, and I will.  When I have moved and unpacked, etc, etc.
On Wednesday I wore one of the scarves from Sunday's quick sewing session.  This looked really nice with a white shirt and black trousers.  I often wear that combo now, it being pretty damn corporate and also just begging for a nice embellishment of some sort.
Thursday was St Patrick's Day.  Being of very Irish origin on my mum's side, I wear green, though I draw the line at green beer.  (I only tried Guiness once, and yes it was the real stuff on tap in a Dublin pub, and thought it was GROSS).   This scarf looked nice with a muted green top, bright green earrings and a green watch.  The only green shoes I have are Crocs, NOT suitable for work, so they stayed at home.
Casual Friday, I do love thee.  I still get to wear jeans!  I wore this brooch with jeans and a red top.  Im ust think of a better, or at least more consistent, name for my raggedy frayed crazy patchwork textile jewellery.  Then maybe I could try to sell it.  Maybe I will run a competition when MMM is over.

I worked Saturday morning.  Again, I consider Saturdays to be more casual than the normal weekday, so I wore jeans again.  This time with a grey top.  And this brooch.  I thought it looked wicked.  It also worked well with the grocery shopping and the dinner with the old friend from England who we have not seen for AGES, and who is out here for work for a few weeks.  Oh, and I wore little diamante skull earrings :)

I have finished the crocheted felted bag.  Inevitably, I don't like it much.  I really should know better than to be seduced by variagated wool when I am felting.  It always looks like dog's vomit when it's been felted.  But for better or worse, I made it, and I used it on Sunday.  At least I like the embellishment.

For Monday, I present a bookmark.  The round bit is a crocheted - well, round bit - which I bashed about with the embellishing machine and then attached it to a couple of pieces of novelty yarn, all with the machine.  (So it is all thoroughly needlefelted together).  You probably can't see the subtle sparkle in the long bit (because it is subtle!) but it pleases me to use it.  The round bit probably makes it a bit thick to use in a good book, but it works for the tattier things I carry around in my handbag.

What will I wear tomorrow?


2paw said...

It is easier because you have made quite a lot of things, in so many different crafty areas!! I am sad about the crocheted bag too, it had lots of potential!!

mrspao said...

You are very talented! They are all very lovely!

Grand Purl Baa said...

Hello Judy ta for your visit to blog belong mi.
and well just look at all the inspirational stuff here. My fave the pink and green polka dot skirt. Gorgeous porgeous!
Very good cheer.

Sometimes Unwilling Guru said...

LOL it sounds intersting,I went window shopping last Friday and sometimes I just wish I had a job where I could wear nice clothes to work and not green mens Hard Yakkas

karen said...

I must say I like the idea of you coming over all 'corporate'...I think it happened to me too in my long past days of paid employment...