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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Me-Made-March 2011 Week 2

This continues to be fun and easier than expected!!

I wore this on Monday with a white shirt and black trousers.  It's a string of coral beads that I just restrung on tiger tail the way they came from the shop.  I did it once when I needed something glam in a hurry and I think I might actually redo them sometime, if nothing else the wire work and fastening at the back are uncomfortable and look amateurish!!

I will probably wear this at least once a week!  It's one of my favorites.  It's the fused glass brooch from last week, this time worn with a purple top and black cropped pants with a burnt velvet mesh overlay in black and purple.

The colours haven't shown up too well on this photo but these earrings are based around navy blue and orange.  I wore them with a flowy cream viscose blouse and, you guessed it, black trousers!  Plus a cropped cardy in an ombre colourway shading from orangy brown to browny orange.

I bought this Max Mara top from an op shop for next to nothing.  It is the sort of brilliant white that only looks good on olive skins or sun tans, neither of which I have, so I dropped it in the same dye bath as the top I wore last week that started off white and got dyed to cover up the orange juice stain. I wore it with white jeans and silver earrings from Florence.  I tried to pretend I was on the Lido instead of at work, with conspicuous lack of success!

Ah, the weekend, and not my weekend where I work on Saturday morning.  So this looked great with a black singlet and jeans and bejewelled black thongs (flip-flops).  It;s another of my tatty crazy patchwork creations.

Ok, this is a bit lazy, but I did say I would wear or USE something every day.  I use a hand-knitted kitchen towel every single day, but I wanted to post at least some of them, and this is Sunday's offering.

Monday was a public holiday here, but the library was open, and I offered to work and get a day off in lieu (some time!).  It was bit more casual than usual so this looked nice over the same white jeans and a hot pink singlet.  It's a plain denim shirt I bought in an op shop and embellished with suffolk puffs and buttons last year.


2paw said...

Wow, you have been so stylishly MMM. That Library is certainly high falutin'!!
I think your hand towel is an excellent entry too.
Such ice jewellery, and I imagine your outfits as you describe them!!!

karen said...

the fused glass is gorgeous. How is it going in the land of the employed?

mrspao said...

Love the fused glass - absolutely gorgeous. Looks like you have lots to blog about for Me-Made-March.