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Friday, July 16, 2010

The Adventures of Bobby the Ram, Part 1

Our trip to Canberra was pretty awful. Not that Canberra isn't a good place to visit, but it isn't when you are spending most of your time freezing your **** off in a dingy dive in Queanbeyan packing the multitude of **** your long-estranged father has left behind him for you to deal with. Our gloomy week was enlivened by some visits with friends, a small amount of sight-seeing, the best of Canberra's winter weather (very cold but sunny and crisp and beautiful), and the arrival into our lives of a certain little ruminant.

Bobby the Ram has had a bit of a sad life. He ran away to live with Jejeune in Canberra because her naughty little lamb Lulu broke his heart. Jejeune tried to cheer him up and improve his education, but to no avail. So when I was visiting her he decided to run away with me. The children took to him immediately and introduced to him to some of their friends.

Baby Bear helped him to make friends with Max, who has lived with us since her second birthday. His real name is Gluteus Maximus, which is the English (or rather Latin) translation of the name he was given by IKEA, which was Bums. He is a very caring and wise bear and we hope that Bobby has learnt some serenity from him.

Wombat introduced him to Momo the Lemur, who is a magical air-bending, fire-bending, other element-bending bundle of fun. They had some good times together. Here they are up the top of Black Mountain Tower.

Bobby got a good look through the telescope on Black Mountain Tower. Although not very fond of heights he clung on to his new friends and agreed that the view was mighty fine.

He also got to go up to the top of Mount Ainslie to watch the sun set. We cut it rather fine there - got there just as the sunset was happening.

It has taken me two weeks just to write this first installment of Bobby's adventures, owing to minor distractions like unpacking boxes (of which there are TOO MANY MORE to go!!!) and Wombat being sick for over a week, including two trips to the ER (all in all he probably has a virus. Thank god for the Australian health system, so far we have paid for one out of three doctor's visits and nothing at the hospital). A CT scan has proved that he has a brain, and even better, that there is nothing in it other than brain.

More pictures of Bobby to come...


Jejune said...

I'm so glad Bobby's having such a fine time with you - I think there were too many sad reminders of Lulu at my place ...

Maybe you can set him to help you sort out the dreaded boxes? Maybe encourage the goat in him to get him chewing through the worst of it.

I hope Wombat is feeling better super fast, and that you recover from all the dramas too.

Roxie said...

Oh, what a grand adventure for poor Bobby. I'll call his brother, Bucky, in from the paddock (the back yard) to have a look. Max looks like a wonderful friend for Bobby. Thank you so much for being so kind to him!

Bobby, Bucky says, "Way to go, Dude!! Just try not to be too big a dork, ok?"