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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Wolf, Looming

I was taking photos for the latest jeans bag in my Etsy shop (see sidebar) and I was trying to get a close-up of a tiny wolf button that's less than a centimetre square. The photo turned out really blurry but I kept pressing Sharpen in Picasa until this happened, and I decided that I really liked this picture. I am considering printing it out and doing things with it. Trouble is, my head is so full of ideas at the moment that it is exploding and I have homework to do which is less explosive and Wombat to amuse for the next two weeks of the school hols (Baby Bear is about to jet off to China to sing at the Festival of the Giant Panda with a school choir).

Edited on 2nd April to add: Poor kid, after two hours on the plane it was declared unfit to fly and they all had to disembark, be sent to a hotel, then sent to another one in the morning. She is flying out tonight at 8pm. It means that they lost the connection to Cheng-du, of course, and it was quite hard to organise them again - apparently she is going withm ost of the choir and two teachers, still via Singapore, but the remaining few, plus the other teacher and the tour rep, have to go via Singapore AND Hong Kong. I imagine there are three teachers there wishing they had booked something else for the holidays! She phoned me this afternoon sounding tired but quite cheerful and still looking forward to it. Not a good start to her first OS trip without her parents, though!

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Sue H said...

Love your "White Wolf" ghost photo. I really like what you can do with your photo's.