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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Saturday Sky

I haven't posted a Saturday Sky for ages, but here is one at last. And yes it is a real photo! But it was blurry and an insignificant part of another picture (taken by Baby Bear who was focussing on something else) so i played with it until it developed this look, which I like. Those were real clouds and they evens prinkled some rain on us. Most of Victoria got lots of rain, we didn't get much in Glen Waverley (5mm) but the farmers got lots which is great. There is some more rain forecast today. In fact it is chucking down at the moment (whee!) and I am pointedly not complaining that in an hour's time we have to be over at the school at the official opening of the environmental project that George, among a tiny handful of other dads, has been building almost every Saturday for the last nine months. (I love it that he is so involved in the school, but sometimes I wish a few other people would get off their ar**s and do something too!) I am hoping that our wonderful principal has remembered how to make contingency plans for rainy days!

Wombat this morning said something terribly sweet - he is nearly 11 and we came back to Melbourne when he was nearly 3 - 'I remember that day when it RAINED ALL DAY'. Of course there have been a few of them in that eight year period, but precious few. I didn't remind him that his first 2 3/4 years were spent in Gloucestershire in the UK where it rained all day every day for most of his short life!
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Sue H said...

Today is Thursday and it rained most of the night and until about 9 this morning, good soaking rain here in Dandenong, so I hope you got some too.

The Baby Bear said...

woot woot woot

I was focusing on a gnome in the pumpkin patch =D prety cool ey, man I love it when I take pictures and then you pu them up here crediting me, because it means I get more glory than I would if i...didn't take them..urr, you love me for it?

the photos I took of the gnome are actually pretty kewwwwl +D haha, i love you to the moon and back Mummy-kins =P

Keep Smiling xoxo Tam