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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

School holidays

Thse are the two latest doodads I have made for my Etsy shop (see sidebar). I'm now working on some fabric cuffs and then another style of bag. It distracts me from doing homework! Actually I have done some homework but there is more to do before next term, just nothing very interesting.

It's the school holidays and so far Wombat and I have had a pleasant time together. Yesterday we went to the cinema to see Meet the Robinsons, about which I knew very little but turned out to be a charming film that I thoroughly enjoyed (so did he). This was followed by lunch at the Pancake Parlour, a family favorite. Today we only went out to do a little shopping but, followed by coffee (for me) and icecream (for him) made an enjoyable little trip. Season 9 of The Simpsons is out so we bought that - addicted to The Simpsons in this house, especially Wombat!

We are being hounded by a major company who shall remain nameless over a supposedly unpaid bill. Fortunately we can prove that we paid it on time, but it is starting to be a stressful experience. To add insult to injury, I own shares in the company and do not appreciate my shareholder profits being frittered away in postage sending overdue notices to innocent billpayers!

The Norah Gaughan bolero thing is coming along great guns but has been temporarily suspended while I do some secret knitting. I won't show a picture of the bolero at the moment because it looksl ike a shapeless mess.
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Sometimes Unwilling Guru said...

HaHaHa you could just a bit late from now on paying future bills or change companies and tell them why,I did that with a health insurance company,they werent impressed!!

Sue H said...

My MOTH and I haven't been to the cinema together in oh so long. I've forgotten what it's like to go with someone, hehe.
Our family favourite restaurant is called Lazy Moe's. The first one was in Gladstone Park, but now they have one at Forrest Hill, Oakleigh and Maribyrnong.