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Monday, December 06, 2010

Decluttering by Numbers Week 3


3 x craft magazines (sub)
1 x book (Wombat)
1 x magazine (Wombat)
4 x pairs shorts (Wombat - he hadn't had any new ones in three years so he needed them very badly!)
2 x trashy mags
3 x manga (Wombat)
2 x craft books
1 x DVD box set (Waking the Dead Series 6 - me - obsessed)
1 x set Maryoshka measuring spoons to match my measuring cups
1 x hoodie (Wombat)
2 x DVD box sets (Wombat, pocket money)
1 x pair cheap shoes (me - glittery!)
1 x craft mag
1 x Australian Women's Weekly
1 x DVD set (me)
1 x Decor cake box



58 x craft mags in massive clearout OP SHOP
1 x Notebook mag, recipes removed RECYCLING
14 x my father's books GIFT (to someone who will apreciate them!)
2 x trashy mags RECYCLING
2 x cooking mags with recipes removed RECYCLING


77 - 26 = 51

Yay!  Sort of winning.

It is just possible that Decluttering by Numbers may cease rather abruptly in the near future, but if that is so it will be because (good) circumstances may be about to force a decluttering of a speed and magnitude that won't leave me time to record it.  Watch this space. 


freebird said...

Moving? That's how I've always decluttered until recently. We'd move every couple of years and that took care of everything since we moved ourselves. Now it's been 8 years since we moved last so I finally just had to start.

Taphophile said...

looking good

2paw said...

Yes, I thought moving too. It seems really unfair that you are counting other people's INs!!!