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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Decluttering by Numbers - The Last Post

Well, we are negotiating over a property that we LOVE, and we don't get that, there's another I fancy having another look at, and plenty more on the market too.

So we signed up with an agent to put our on the market last night.  Which means that Decluttering by Numbers has to come to an abrupt close, as a whirlwind of decluttering and packing needs to start right now.

Just for the record, this is Monday - Wednesday of this week:


2 x exhibition catalogues
2 x trashy magazines
2 x craft magazines



2 x cooking magazines, recipes removed  RECYCLE
30 craft magazines  OP SHOP
1 shirt beyond repair and not interesting enough to reuse  BIN
1 x trashy magazine  RECYCLE
3 x photocopied bundles of paper  RECYCLE
2 x mouldy pillows (casualties of the Great Indoor Waterfall Affair)  TIP
1 x broken desk chair  (broken in such a way as to not be mendable)  TIP
7 x my father's books OP SHOP


47 - 6 = 41

We are taking a storage unit at the weekend and putting all of my father's stuff in plus anything else we can box before then, and presumably further boxed items afterwards.  It makes sense to box the majority of the books and craft materials right now, even if it is a few months before we move.

And other regular blog posts will probably cease for the time being.  I will continue to blog when I can, and when I have something to say or show, though.



freebird said...

Good luck. Share some pictures when you can!

Bear Chick said...

Good luck with your organizing and moving. Try to take some time to enjoy the season!

Taphophile said...

Best of British to you!