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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Creative Tuesday

I did this during my Studio Stitches course in 2007. We were being given a very quick introduction to printing. This involved coating leaves with paint and using them for a monoprint onto fabric, then using some simple stitching and applying to paper and doing a bit more monoprinting on top. The fabric is something synthetic, I can't remember precisely but it was a remnant of something medium to heavy weight, possibly furnishing fabric, sewn onto thick handmade paper (not handmade by me!). Being me of course I could not resist embellishing it with a tiny number of sequins! Although I have never really pursued this style of work I am currently wondering if I might give it another go, it was easy and required very little in the way of materials (in this case, other than the fabric/paper/thread/sequins, all of which I already had, I used acrylic paints, which I also already had, and a rubber brayer. At the time I think I used the studio brayer but have subsequently bought a couple for myself. Oh, and leaves).

I'm not sure whether it matters that it is not square. I cannot decide if that makes it more organic or simply sloppy. I think I will say 'organic' rather than 'sloppy'!
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