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Monday, May 10, 2010

Creative Tuesday

A pair of seed bead (Japanese and Czech) and freshwater pearl earrings made for a commission in 2008. They are a fairly simple coralling stitch attached to sterling silver earring findings. I have made these in many different colours; they are fun to make and look quite spectacular though they are too long for anyone with a short neck - I can still make effective coralling earrings that are shorter, it just so happens that these ones are long. When I properly open my online shops again I will have a selection of them for sale.
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Sue said...

oh they are pretty, are they heavy? I was just wondering as I can't wear anything heavy in my ears as my holes are really close to the bottom of my lobes.

Sheep Rustler said...

They are a bit heavy, perhaps, though I also will be making a shorter version that isn't as heavy. They are made from glass seed beads - so not really heavy, not like with using larger beads.