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Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday Update

It's been a bit of an unproductive week, really. A child with gastro and unpleasantly hot and steamy weather has left me feeling limp and uninspired. But not totally.

I enjoyed embellishing the denim shirt so much that I decided to do another repurposed and embellished item, even though I had completed the two that fulfilled my personal challenge terms for the month. I cheated slightly by buying a new top, which isn't really what repurposing is meant to be about, but it was 20% off in a sale, so I hope that counts!

First of all, though, I spent several satisfying hours organising my button collection into colour groups. This was largely inspired by seeing my MIL's collection at the weekend, neatly organised into old Twinings Tea tins and carefully labelled. Then I sewed blue buttons to this white top.

Over time I have bought a few packets of themed buttons in patchwork shops, and most of the buttons for this top came from one of them. The heart-shaped button in the point of the V, however, came from old stash and I think was left over from some top I made in the past.

I have added to my personal challenges for the year, too, though this one is not time critical. The other day George pointed out that I might have to cull the cookbooks in order to fit in the newer ones. He is probably right, but I decided that before I cull anything, I will cook a recipe from it. Not necessarily once a day or once a week or anything like that, and I am not aiming to do a Julia Child here! But before I get rid of a book I want to see if there is anything in it that at least three out of the four of us will eat. I will post something about any such recipes/books each Friday here. I have chosen a recipe for next week, though admittedly it is from a book I bought Baby Bear so it won't be thrown out anyway.

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