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Friday, March 05, 2010

Friday Update

I exercised my prerogative to change my mind and substituted an activity not on my original list of challenges for the year. I decided to spend March attempting to alter at least two op shop (charity/thrift shop) finds into more interesting/better fitting clothes that I would actually wear, hopefully only using things from my stash.

I have made excellent progress! In fact today I am wearing the first item. I bought a skirt that I really liked, that already looked like altered art but was a bit too snug around the tummy/hip area for me to wear.

So I cut it down one side seam and chose something to insert there. I had originally planned to place insertions on both sides until I realised it was asymmetrical, so decided to make the long side longer. I did stash dive and almost settled on some fabric but it was the wrong colour, weight and too frayable, so did another op shop trawl and came up with a pair of jeans with side decoration that looked very 80s as jeans, but would work with this skirt and leave me plenty of denim left over to do other things with.

Half an hour on the sewing machine, et voila!

I tried to get a picture of it hanging off the hanger but the denim bit doesn't drape nicely that way. It looks nice on but I am not prepared to do model shots!

The original skirt cost AU$7 and the jeans cost the same. So for AU$14 I have a skirt and left over denim for other projects.

So I am very happy with my progress this month. I haven't started the latest two page spread of my visual journal but have settled on the images for it, which are an important part of it.

And as Tuesday Artist is proving to be a bit time-consuming, I will be substituting it with Creative Tuesday in future, where I show a picture of something that I have made, at some stage, either brand-new or in the dim distant past.

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