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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Friday Update

It's been a bit of a manic week. We had a long weekend so I am still feeling a day behind. And then there was THE STORM. Supposedly the worst in 100 years, or forever, or something. Hail the size of .. take your pick of a large spherical object. We personally were lucky, no damage apart from another fallen limb from the eucalyptus that isn't (lemon scented gum - apparently now no longer a eucalypt in scientific terms), but George has been phenomenally busy since. Which, given that he was already doing too much work, has been a bit of an issue.

I have been repurposing a shirt. But decided yesterday that it was just not working, and ditched it. No pics of the failure, I am too annoyed with myself for not putting more thought into it. Last week's worked so well that I think I am suffering from hubris right now!

So last night I sat down with a denim shirt that I had also intended to chop up and be clever with. Feeling crestfallen after the failure, I stuck to embellishment instead, and I'm delighted with the results! I will probably wear it open over a white singlet.

This means that I have finished my craft challenge for March! As half of April will be taken up with school holidays I thought I might make an early start on something for the last two weeks of March. I;m not sure what yet but will blog about something next Friday.

And no real progress on the visual journal, though I have printed out two images to use as backdrops which will need sealing before I do anything on top of them.

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