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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Sleep Study Results

Calling it a sleep study is like calling sleepovers sleepovers. A friend of ours calls sleepovers 'wakeovers'. Well, I think they should be called wake studies! It was NOT COMFORTABLE. However I slept enough for useful results, and they were quite illuminating.

Yes, I have severe sleep apnoea, though not the normal kind (why would I be normal?) My oxygen saturation doesn't drop during the aponea episodes, which is weird. But I do have them repeatedly and I do wake up about once every minute or two ALL NIGHT. And I have Periodic Leg Movement Syndrome, which is like restless legs but only when I;m asleep (Jejeune, if you are reading this, you were right when you mentioned that to me!) SO... I am on a four week trial of a CPAP machine and taking Clonazepam for the leg thing. The sleep doctor said, looking at my readouts, that the technical term for the way you feel after sleeping like that is 'STUFFED'. She's not surprised I have been exhausted and aching all over for five years!

I've only had the machine for two nights so I am not sure yet about whether it is working,. Yesterday I felt much the same as usual and had had some problems getting to sleep with it attached (though I did perservere). Today I feel ike I do on my good days - which is a good sign, as I don't have many good days, and it's nearly 2pm and I haven't wanted to go to sleep yet). The fibro is about the same as it would be on a goodish day. I can;t expect a sudden reversal of the ill-effects of five years damage, so I am being cautiously optimistic at this stage.

It's school holidays and Baby Bear is involved in a drama production all week. She has rehearsed twice a week all of last term and this week was dress rehearsals and then performacnes. We went last night and it was fun. She didn't have the big part that she deserved (being one of the few people who can actually both carry a tune and project her voice!) but she was excellent in her smallish character role and got a lot of people talking.

Wombat is having an enforced quiet week - his two best friends are in the production so he can't play with them, and he is tired from school, so we are slobbing around together watching The Simpsons and things like that.

I have mounds of school work to do. I started tackling some last night and might do some more this afternoon.

I joined the Saturday Sky webring last week but only on Saturday afternoon so didn't get round to posting a picture. There will be one most Saturdays from now on!


chocolatetrudi said...

ROFL! 'Stuffed' as a technical term. I like it.

'Doh!' for the aponea and PLMS, but 'yay!' for something treatable!

catsmum said...

hi sheepy
I have FMS which is another related condition to yours and yes, I'm another lifelong non-sleeper. Sleep deprived for at least the last 2 or so decades. I was wondering if you're taking magnesium at all? I found large [ really large ] doses helped with the leg movement thingy and also with the extreme muscle spasm pain associated with FMS. I don't have any magic cure for feeling stuffed tho :] can't have everything I guess.
off to take a sleepy pill