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Friday, September 22, 2006

Hate CPAP machine

Rotten CPAP machine. I thought I'd had a good night's sleep last night but I feel blinkin' terrible today - headache, all over aches, knackered, just like I'd never made any attempt to get the CFS under control.

I have vowed to give this a month's trial, and I will, and I will do the sleep study to see if it's working. But I've got to start feeling better than this, I can't sumon the energy to do anything except play on the computer and I have mounds of schoolwork waiting to be done, to say nothing of the clean washing that is taking over the house! (And the dirty washing, too, for that matter).



Sarah said...

I encourage you to keep with the CPAP machine. It took my husband awhile to get used to his, but it really has helped. He no longer wakes up with the ringing ears and chest pain that had plagued him for so long. While it hasn't cured all of his sleep troubles, it has helped a lot. One thing that did help is when they added the humidifier to his CPAP. It made it much more comfortable for him.

fitknit said...

That sounds awful. I hope things improve for you :)

Lynne said...

Judy, how are things going? I dropped by your blog after a long time between drinks (sorry!). CPAP made the world of differnce to a housemate of mine - he said it was worth dealing with the annoyance at first. he got used to it after a while.
Plus if you don't sleep well, your body makes hormones that encourage you to eat and put on fat - look up hmm leptin (??) and ghrelin (definately) I think they are and see how they link into fatigue/wakefulness