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Thursday, December 22, 2005


The washed and dryed skein of kinky barbed wire relaxed a little, especially after I gave it a good 'twang' or two when it was dry. No pics as the camera is en route from Sydney.

Have spoken to George about this supposed trip to Sydney - he is as p****d off as me with his company for taking so long to decide and then organise it, too. He has told them that unless all arrangements are in place by tomorrow morning he is withdrawing his offer to go up there for two weeks to work fulltime for them. He also told them that if they thought he was getting cross, they should talk to his wife!

Not that I feel any better about going. It;s not that I mind going to Sydney, I like visiting there and it would be fun. It;s the fact that I do not know, still, whether when we leave here on Christmas Eve whether we are going to his mother's for three days, or going there and then driving slowly to Sydney, spending two weeks there and then driving slowly back - the best part of four weeks probably. I just can't get my head around the lack of decision. I hate leaving things to the last minute and that's what this feels like. I would much rather, at this stage, just spend the holidays here, but to have George around a bit more than he has been.

I am still ploughing away on the secret scarf exchange. I decided that I wanted to make myself one too, but that I would have to do them both together for various reasons (can;t go into details because she knows who she is!) That means that I am now 3/4 of the way through the two and I am bored, but I daren;t stop because I will lose momentum and might not get it done in time. Especially if we go away for a month - if we do there are a couple of projects that I want to sit down and get on with that have been very neglected. There's a particular something about what I am knitting that is making my neck hurt, which normal knitting doesn't. I know what it is but I can't find any other way to knit this particular thing and I just want that bit of it over and done with.

Enough whingeing, let's get some more secret scarf done tonight at least!!


Marji said...

ohhh, you know, she is very intrigued and curious....

I do hope that the decision about your travel plans is resolved soon - I too hate being kept dangling like that. Must be that your kids are on school break now?

I've been meaning to drop you an email but misplaced in one mailbox or another the mail you sent me with your email addy on it.
I am so excited for you and the prospect of going to art school. what an incredible opportunity. Do you have access over there to the magazine called Fiberarts? I have scads of back issues and just know that you would enjoy them if you haven't already seen them. Maybe if you can send me a real post office address I can send you some of the best copies.
LOve your latest beading projects too.
Have a merry Christmas and an excellent trip to Sydney if that is where you end up.

Lynne said...

I hope George's work stuff has been resolved by now! Sounds like a total pain in the butt.
You've started spinning again :-) You know what I do if I overspin (which I ALWAYS do if i am doing singles)? I put it back through the wheel in the opposite twist (so I effectively carefully untwist/unspin it a bit).