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Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Mooving Art

I know it's a terrible pun, but it is the official name of this delightful art installation in the Victorian country town of Shepparton. There are brightly painted cows all over the town, and I haven't photographed all of them, just the ones that were in a herd and a couple of other nearby ones.

See Mooving Art Shepparton for a full explanation and details of artists, etc.

This is not a sculpture.  This was parked in the street near where I was photographing the cows.  You can't tell the contents from the photo.  When I was taking the photos I started to think that they had very realistic sound effects, until I realised that the mooing I could hear was coming from this trailer!

I have given the name of each cow where I could find it.

Worker Cow

Vine Cow

Bat Cow

Two Tribes

Rainbow Bubbles

 Strawberries and Cream

Scarecrow Cow

Autumn Leaf

Zaidee's Cow

Willow Pattern Cow

Koorie Cow


Dripping Clock

Armoured Cow

Cow Jumped Over the Moon

Wanted Dead or Alive

Blue Healer


Skater Cow

Football Cow

How Now Brown Cow


Jan said...

I love all of these but having seen the real clock in the Dali exhibition some years ago, I really liked that one.

2paw said...

They are great cows!! We have some of those dotted about the cheese factory at Ashgrove and there is a competition for decorating them.

Roxie said...

I am SO impressed by the mercow!

catdownunder said...

Wonder what sort of milk they produce? :)

Bear Chick said...

Love them all! I think the first pink one is probably My Pretty Pony. So many great examples, though I did expect to see the Holy... Well, you know :-)