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Thursday, September 13, 2012

One Skein Wonder

A few months ago I had reason to want to create a gift for someone I have never met in person, but know online, who had suffered a tremendous loss in her life.  I decided to knit her a small shoulder shawl using a merino/possum wool sock yarn that I had in my stash, which was pretty colours and soft and snuggly.

It's a very easy pattern, but annoyingly I can't find it now.  It ought to be on Ravelry but I can't find it.  It took 100g of the sock wool, anyway.

As the intended recipient is also a mixed media artist I included two (non-matching) arms from discarded acupuncture baby dolls, tied together with a strip of sari silk.

Apparently it went down well and the waitress in the restaurant who witnessed the opening of the parcel with the dead baby arms was horrified!

There's quite a lot you can do with 100g of sock wool.

Edited to add : Thanks, Jill, you were quite right, it is the Bit of a Frill pattern, many thanks!


Jill said...

Nice shawl - looks like the "bit of a frill" shawl pattern (don't think I can link in the comments).

I'm sorry you've been having such a rough year - it's good to see you back.

Catherine said...

What a brilliant present. I love the frilly edging. I had a garter stitch baby shawl pattern like that once and have lost it!

Roxie said...

Love it! sock yarn makes awesome shawlettes!

2paw said...

It is very pretty and looks very snuggly. I laughed at the doll arms, very amusing!!!

mrspao said...

Looks lovely. I blinked slightly thinking I saw arms and thankfully you said that is what they were!!