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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Ladies Only?

In the centre of Melbourne lies a large Anglican cathedral. There are benches set in the grounds, right by the bustling street. A few weeks ago I noticed this sign set into the pavement in front of one of the seats.
Presumably it dates from a time when Ladies might need some respite and a sit down, but obviously couldn't share a public bench with a man.

It was a little reminder of a different age, while a very 21st century crowd raced past- including me with my modern smart phone on which I took the photo, used software to 'antique' it, and I am even writing this post on the phone - all while thinking of crinolines.


Taphophile said...

And I am envisioning David Walliams in his "I'm a lady'" outfit.

2paw said...

It seems so quaint, but I dare-say there are a few Anglican archbishops who reckon we ought to go back to those days. No sitting next to any man for you young lady!!! Nice antiquing!!

Jan said...

How interesting. My DIL was returning from a trip to an Asian country and had a stopover in another large airport. Just which one, I really have forgotten. The airport was crowded and she found quite a large area roped off and empty. It said "pastors only." Now she is ordained here so she sat down. Lots of officials came running up and made her move, despite seeing ID and notes that she was ordained. A woman pastor, young at that, was beyond all imagining.

This was in last 5-8 years.

Jan said...

I also remember reading in an old book on etiquette that no true lady ever at down on a seat just vacated by a man, until said seat no longer was warm from his presence.

If that were tried on buses or trains in Sydney, said true lady would have been knocked over while another man raced to sit in empty set!

mrspao said...

What an interesting sign and the comments were interesting to read too.

What a different age!