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Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Cute pig sculptures in Rundle Mall in Adelaide, taken in January this year when we were on holiday.

I've got quite a lot of pictures to post, of that holiday and another one to Broken Hill more recently, but I am going to string them out while I ease back into blogging!

Family stuff has settled down a LOT and things are much easier and more satisfactory.  As for work stuff ... well, let's just say that is in the hands of (very expensive) lawyers and I won't say anything more about it for the moment.

I've been quite unwell for about four months now though things are improving.

On the crafting front, I have started a Kaffe Fasset jumper that I bought as a kit before 1999, can't remember exactly when. It's so old I can't find an image online!  I will post a photo of the picture on the front of the pattern when I get a chance.  Or there's this link from Ravelry 


2paw said...

Oh, Whirling Stars looks so lovely, it must be Vintage by now!!!
Very cute piggies, though in real life I am afraid of them, of quite a few farm animals really.
Glad things are settling down and you are improving. Good luck with the lawyer thingy.

greenspace said...

I love the pigglies :-)
good to hear family things are gong well.
work and lawyers in the same sentence (unless you are a lawyer, or I guess a policeperson) not so great. hope it all turns out okay.

mrspao said...

Aww the piggies are very cute.