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Friday, December 09, 2011

My Creative Space

Posted by PicasaI have had a bit of fun.  The to picture is a piece of my Mazey Patchwork, made by sewing various scraps onto a base fabric, like crazy patchwork only deliberately left all frayed.  Then I chop it up and embellish the pieces individually.  I finished the big piece quite a while ago but haven't done anything with it, so as I had the day off yesterday I cut out some pieces to start fiddling with at the weekend.

It looks like I might have a few hours on Saturday at my MiL's before attending my neieces 21st, so I am packing up some of the small pieces together with a selection of threads (probably mainly blues with a couple of contrasts) and I will pootle around embroidering them.  Further embellishments with buttons or beads or suffolk puffs, or maybe all three, will follow later at home.

For more creative spaces, pop over here.  It's the last official Creative Spaces for the year, though I promise I will continue to post any pics of anything that I might find time to do!!


2paw said...

I have really enjoyed your Creative Spaces this year. I potter, and find pootling amusing!!!

Jan said...

Just discovered I didn't post my comment! I love these colours. Would like to see some blue sky up here in Sydney. Thought I'd commented a while back till I saw Cindy's lone comment.

mrspao said...

I love those colours. What a fab project.