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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Floofy Scarf Redux

I don't know why the last pic didn't load. Probably something to do with the computer being out of action for several days. But anyway, here it is.

The move happened. There are still things we can't find or do, but we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. By the end of Easter it should be a lot better. We still loved the house the moment we walked in, despite the chaos. And the chaos, though diminished, still exists. All will be well and all will be well and all manner of thing shall be well!!

I got a new bed :) It is superbly comfortable. And there will be other new things soon too. All replacing ancient things.

By May we should feel like we actually live here! The neighbours are generally delightful, the street is gorgeous and leafy and so quiet. The previous owner said there was no native wildlife around, which was disappointing because we had got used to living with parrots and possums and bats and things. Well, in a week, we have heard more native wildlife than he ever mentioned, and he lived here for 30 years!

There was much weird plumbing and electrics and we have spent a lot of money getting them fixed, but those fixes should last a long time. It helps that we know a plumber, and a carpet person (we got new carpet downstairs), so service was prompt and excellent and reasonably priced, and the electrician loves us now because we paid him well up front!!

I have not got the kitchen quite sorted out yet, but with a bit of resorting, it will be fantastic and I can go for true gormet!!! And the owner left a little vegie garden with some very usable chillies, tomatoes, a few other things and enough basil at the right stage to be turned into yummy pesto over Easter,
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2paw said...

Hooray!! I am glad the move went so well.
You are doing ever so well to be so comfortably moved in so quickly. Nice scarf!!!

karen said...

I am so happy it is going so well for you!! I hope it makes the hours at work seem worth bed and new carpet...when I was working I paid for 6 of us to go abroad on holiday. It was wonderful but the lure of home was still too strong, or maybe I'm just a lightweight.