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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Flooffy Scarf

I have lost the yarn label for this. I bought it in Lincraft. There is a vague possibility that it may be called CanCan, or maybe it is a cheapo imitation of a yarn called CanCan. Anyway, it is infuriating to knit (though it is possible to do it while under the influence, which is a plus in my case) and there is no way on earth that youy can finish off the ends in any way normally done with yarn of any sort. It does, however, knit up into a riot of flooffy(TM) colour and feels OK against my neck, which complains about proper yarns made from actual fibres. So it is a GOOD THING (TM by many people - so sue me). Yes, by the time you read this I may have moved. I may still belong to a family of four people and one dog. On the other hand, people may be buried in the dungeons. I kid you not, this new house comes with dungeons. I am in negotiations with a friend about obtaining adjustable shackles - his children have thinner wrists than Wombat. I wrote this a few days ago but have organised for it to be published in advance. And if I was sober enough to mangle any more tenses, I would :)


2paw said...

I can't actually see a picture, but I know what Can-can looks like (not the dance) so I am imagining it. I hope your move IS going well and there is no dungeoning!!

Roxie said...

There is a great deal to be said for floofy. Also for foofy. I have a foofy padded coat that adds 50 lbs to my apparent weight and keeps me invincibly warm. Enjoy your floofy scarf and may you survive the move.

Dungeons should be damp and dank, and filled with rats and spiders. Are they?

Roxie said...

Dungeons should be damp, dank, and full of rats and spiders. Are they?

creativefidget said...

Good luck with the move. Make sure you have lots to drink and snack on - moving house can be very energy-sapping and dehydrating.

Lovely to see you at Supanova! Sorry if I was vague and incoherent. I'd had some very early mornings and the brain wasn't functioning well.