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Thursday, October 28, 2010

What Really Happened When Darth Vader Retired

With profuse apologies to George Lucas...

Mr Dark Vader married, lived happily ever after with Mrs Darth Vader and a couple of little Darth Vaders, and on a sunny Sunday afternoon he indulged in some gardening.

Mrs Darth Vader decided to bake some biscuits.  She baked coconut macaroons, because they are a favorite of L from Death Note.

Using this cookbook.
Then choc chip Anzacs.
Using the recipe from this book, which half a cup of choc chips added to the mix, which was originally Wombat's idea and makes for particularly wonderful Anzacs!
Meanwhile the Darth Vaders' dog came

 and went.

Then she started to make basic butter cookies using the recipe in this book

 to which she intended adding mixed nuts and Craisins.  Some visitors popped in to see the Darth Vaders at this point.  Three large glasses of wine later, the biscuits were finished, but she forgot to put the vanilla essence in them so they taste a bit nothingy, and the photo came out all blurred!

And Mrs Darth Vader was going to do some gardening too, potting out some herbs and petunias, but by the time the wine had been drunk, the visitors farewelled and the last batch of biscuits cooked, it was time to cook dinner.

So much pleasanter than rampaging around the Federation wheezing at people...

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2paw said...

I have an earlier much tattier version of Campion and Curtis and it's a great book, as is the AWW one. Wow Darth Vader, where does he park his Death Star?? Who knew DV had a dog??!!