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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Bobby the Ram Meets Grandma

Grandma came up from Geelong on Sunday for a combined birthday lunch - mine, hers and George's all fall within the same three week period.  We usually go to Totos in Lygon Street because it is fun.  This was the first time Bobby had met Grandma - when we dropped in to see her on the way back from Koroit a few weeks ago he was sleeping off the excitement.

 Ok, so Bobby didn't actually show off his best side on Sunday.  He got a bit over-excited.  He was polite to Grandma - until she had a lemon gelati and he tried to take a lick.
 Then Wombat had a scoop of every gelati in the shop!  Bobby's allegiance is easily bought.
 Then the real problems started.  This is not a good look, Bobby.
 It's walk like an Egyptian, Bobby, not a pigeon.
 Oh dear, we aren't bringing him up very well, are we?
This one needs no explanation.  Except that that isn't Bobby.

We had a lovely lunch (pizzas for most, lasagne for Grandma, carbonara for me, all followed by quantities of gelati and suchlike.  Bobby felt a but guilty afterwards and has been holed up hanging his head in shame ever since.


2paw said...

That sign just invites nuisancing!!
You can't take a ram anywhere, can you??!! Happy Birthdays all round.

freebird said...

Cute story. Happy belated birthday!