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Friday, June 01, 2007

Sheeprustling Brooch

I bought this today from a third year student at TAFE. She claims it was an abstract piece (as all hero thers were) but to me it immediately looked like sheep - so appropriate for the Sheeprustler! Funny thing is, no-one else can see sheep in it until I mention it. It's hand needlefelted.

And guess what - I got an embellisher today! I may not have much time to play with it for a couple of weeks - I have to write a plan for a 12 hour workshop to be finished by next week (for assessment purposes - I won't actually be teaching the workshop, though I do think I have come up with an excellent idea, but I'm a lousy teacher) and the next week there will probably be tons of homework too, but after June 15 I am free as a bird for several weeks until Semester Two - expect to see some embellished pieces in that time!
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Erica said...

I can see three sheep with little brown faces...
I'm going out to buy an embellisher this week, can't wait to get my hands on it!!

Jejune said...

I love the brooch - it's DEFINITELY sheeps! Lulu is bothering me now, she's saying Miiiiiiiiine! ;)