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Monday, January 08, 2007

A New Wardrobe

I realised the other day that I had lost enough weight to need new clothes when my jeans fell down in front of the whole family. Fortunately I could see the funny side. I started making a pile for charity of fat clothes and went out and bought a few cheapish things in the post Christmas sales to tide me over until I have lost the same amount again!

I also sorted through all of my craft supplies and dressmaking fabric and patterns - partly to get my stuff organised before the start of the academic year (in my case, mid-February)and partly to start thinking about making new clothes. I used to make most of my clothes, for many many years, but I got bored in recent years as I put on more and more weight (that, and the emergence of some excellent plus-size shops in my local shopping mall) so haven't done anything much for ages. So this year I hope to bring a succession of new projects fresh from the sewing machine!

In the clean-up I found this nice length of pane velvet in shades of blues and greens that was straight enough and long enough to become a short winter scarf with a minimum of effort. It was originally going to go into the textile art boxes, and in fact some other scraps of it have, but with a bit of trimming and a quick zig-zag round the edges (would have been better with an overlocker but I don't have one) it's become a nice scarf. Not exactly dressmaking, but the first thing I have made for my new wardrobe on the sewing machine! Posted by Picasa


Taphophile said...

Gorgeous colours in that fabric and I know it's a luxurious texture having done exactly the same thing with a piece of panne velvet a couple of years ago. Nothing like making something new, particularly when it's free, to add a bit of a lift. :) Good luck with the dress-making.

Lynne said...

Hip hip (ahem) hooray for jeans falling down! You must be embarrassed but pleased. 18 kilos off - that is a lot of weight! That is 36 big pats of butter! Have you treated your self to a special fitting at a certain type of shop (if you get the Age there is a story about it today)?

Jan said...

Well done on the weightloss. That material is a beautiful colour. It will be a beautiful scarf.

On an entirely different note. last year I was reading from a blogger in Victoria who was making hats for kids from an underprivileged school near them. I'd like to help out but would need details. I already do hats/scarves which my church gives away but want to do something for children which is local, eg. Australian. I sent socks to USA for CIC sockdrive but postage was prohibitive, certainly too much to make it a regular thing.

Was that you or do you know who?

Jejune said...

It's fun doing a bit of sewing, isn't it... I made a simple tote bag last night, and it was very satisfying (and SO much faster than knitting ;)

I used to make heaps of my own clothes too, but it's something I've got out of the habit of in recent years. I look forward to seeing some pics of your new creations! That velvet is divine :)