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Monday, August 29, 2005

Thank you

I've just been going through sending emails to those of you kind enough to comment or otherwise email me about things on here. I can't seem to pick up email addies for Debi and Helen, so thank you publicly for the nice things you said about my scarf! I am about to go and make a beaded pin to go with it - and maybe one for myself too!

Just had one of those conversations with George that goes like ... 'It's the book fair at Blackburn High School this weekend. You should go through the fiction books and cull them ruthlessly.' 'I did last year.' (Once every ten years is about right, isn't it?) Humphy silence from other end of phone.

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Karen said...

Do Not Go to the Blacky High Book Fair - it is a Very Dangerous Place!!! If you are obliged to go, do not take any money or plastic, and do not sign any promissory notes!! It helps if you have broken one arm and dislocated the opposite shoulder - this prevents you from carrying anything away.
August and September are fun for BHS musicians, aren't they?? Do you have the Brass Band Championships as well as School Bands Festival and South Street??