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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

The scarf is finished

Yes, I've just finished the scarf exchange scarf, and I'm quite pleased with it. I am still concerned that the recipient will find it too frivolous and not sufficiently useful, but it is pretty so I hope she will like that aspect of it. I won't post it off until the first week of September, as Celia asked. I think it needs a little beaded pin or something to do with it so I might get my stash of largely unused beads and wire out and do something. I keep buying bead stash but not using it - naughty of me!

I will take a photo of the scarf tomorrow, when hopefully George and the camera should be working at home in the morning. We are taking Baby Bear and one of her friends to a Music Theory exam in the afternoon - she has studied quite hard for it so I hope she does well.

First thing tomorrow we have our regular termly meeting with the school principal and Wombat's teacher and teaching aide. We discuss his progress and plans for the future. (Does anyone have plans for the past?) On the whole he has had a good year this year, in large part due to his wonderful teaching aide, who is worth her weight in gold.

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