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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Bobby the Ram and MoMo do Springwood

George has been spending a lot of time working in Sydney recently, and as uni was finished for the semester we decided that I should pop up for a weekend - as it turned out, not in Sydney itself, but in the Blue Mountains, in Springwood. It was a most delightful weekend, staying in a cottage with an open fire and pottering around.

It's been a while since Bobby the Ram and MoMo had had a decent break, so they came too. And posed for pictures.

In the brief time I had in Sydney before meeting up with George, I spent a while in the Queen Victoria Buildings, enjoying coffee and cake and admiring the restoration.

Edited to add: in view of the tragic events that happened at the QVB on Sundau night, which were reported after I had published this piece, I have removed the photos and other references to my time there, as it seems inappropriate.

Then I was able to meet up with George and we ate a delicious French meal in a tiny French restaurant. Bobby's time in rehab has obviously been a complete waste of time :(

There is a fabulous secondhand bookshop in Springwood. These books followed me home - useful for Lit studies, of course.

Bobby and MoMo enjoyed brunch in a trendy Springwood cafe.

We went to the Norman Linsday museum, and of course, there had to be a Magic Puddin'.


Sue Bursztynski said...

I hope Bobby and MoMo had a good time. Reminds me of when I took my homemade Robin and Marion with me to Sherwood Forest on my overseas trip, and photographed them in a tree...

I think I may have been to that Springwood second hand shop - I bought one of Alison Weir's history books, in perfect condition, as new. I see you scored a Marina Warner. Nice! I can't see what the other one is, it's a bit blurry.

Jan said...

Please make sure Bobby and MoMo are careful in the Queen Vic building. There was a very nasty accident there yesterday and a young teenager was killed.

I love the mountains and would happily live there. Mum and Dad came from Lithgow and their families were from pioneering families from around Rylstone. I prefer Lawson to Springwood, just that bit higher..