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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Hemming Jeans

No 'real' sewing to show, but I have proved that the sewing machine still works :)

Since my MiL died eighteen months ago, there was no-one to shorten George's jeans unless we paid $30 to the nice people in the little alterations place at The Glen. (Who do a great job but that's a bit pricey for jeans. We use them for formal trousers and the like). It's one sewing job I had never felt srong enough to tackle. I have spent six months being stared at balefully by two pairs of jeans/chinos and a husband, who proved the point at the weekend by busting the zip on a pair of summer pants and then tearing a pair of shorts so dramatically that all we could do was laugh hysterically.

I gave this tutorial a go:

and this is the result

I also did a black pair but that photographed badly. I am quite pleased with the result, let's see what George thinks when he gets home.

I also finished the shawl I;ve been working on for some months but haven't blocked it yet, so that can wait until I can post a picture.


2paw said...

Yes, yes isn't it a fabulous way to hem ??? And they do look unaltered, well done. I just cut the hem of my jeans and obviously have a devil-may-care attitude!!
Looking forward to your shawl.

catherine roberts said...

the local Jeans West shop offer $10 a pair to hem,I do my own and have managed to perfect an acceptable finish for my standards but when i used to sew for others it was lot more work and I grew to hate it though I was proud of the effort,now if only I could get sons quilt done