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Saturday, June 07, 2014

To State the Bleeding Obvious...

Clearly I have not been blogging for months.  In large part this is to do with starting a Bachelor of Letters at Monash University - a sort of second Bachelor of Arts for people who already have one.  Though only doing two subjects (a full-time load is four) it has been rather time consuming and energy sapping.  But goodness is it fun! I have now (almost) completed the first semester, doing Medieval History and a Literature subject. There is still a Lit exam to come in about ten days time.

We went to Adelaide for a week straight after Christmas, spending New Years Eve on the beach at Glenelg to catch the early fireworks, and then at the midnight festivities in the Hilton where we were staying. It was a very pleasant trip. We went to a fab Argentinian restaurant where I had some amazing food :

Anchovies straight from the tin, with lemon and parmesan chips.

Oysters with a light Asian sauce, very fresh and delish.

Moreton Bay Bugs with citrus butter - honestly one of the best meals I have EVER had!!!!

There were other nice meals throughout the trip but this was the only one I photographed!

I am resolving to blog more regularly again. And read other people's blogs - that has also fallen by the wayside. I hope to catch up with you all soon!!


catherine roberts said...

I love writing on my blog when time permits

catherine roberts said...

I love catching up with everyone on Blogger

2paw said...

Oh that is so trendy and cool, to have anchovies form the tin. I am not an oyster lover, but the MB bugs look delish!!
Good luck with the exam, is it over?? I loved studying and I think as one gets a little more mature, shall we say, it is even better!!