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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Wingspan No 2

I enjoyed knitting Wingspan so much a couple of months ago that I decided to knit another one.  I gave the first one to Baby Bear as I thought the pink and purple suited her more.

This one is using the same cheapie sock wool from Spotlight that is splitty and would not feel good on the feet, but makes a sptriking scarf, obviously in a green and purple colourway this time.

Slight variations from last time, where I followed the pattern completely - I made this one a bit longer.  The pattern calls for eight wings; I decided to try for ten but ran out of yarn just into the tenth one, but decided to just cast it off straight away as I quite liked the effect of the little odd flap.  This does mean that I didn't do the four rows of straight knitting before casting off before the end of the pattern, and that does show as it makes the cast-off edge a bit wonky.  But I intend to wear it pinned together or scrunched up or something, so I figure it won't show.

I will probably make another one at some point, as they are so addictive, and then I will probably stick to nine wings and finish it properly.


Roxie said...

Wingspan is SO lovely!!

2paw said...

What a good idea, I don't like their sock wool, though I did spy some Regia Kaffe Fassett there last week. I love the way the colours move across the knitting.

Catherine said...

Lovely colours and ten wings works very well. I often think that these small scarves (is that what we should call them?) merit making a little bit larger, it's just that I am always in a rush to finish things!