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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Coat of Arms Pizza

I have so many photos to go through from my Central Australian holiday that I haven't got round to blogging a fraction of them.  Not that I will inflict the whole lot on the public, but we did visit some very interesting places that I would like to share.

After spending over a week unable to choose pictures because of brain fog every time I looked at them, here is just one to be going on with.  This is a Coat of Arms pizza that we ate for dinner in Coober Pedy.  It has cured kangaroo and emu on it and it was DELICIOUS.  We ate quite a bit of 'bush tucker' on our travels.

About my last post - they are all photos of Kata Tjuta, formerly known as The Olgas, taken during the hour leading up to sunset.  None of them are retouched.

There will be more posts with more pictures as I get myself more organised.

1 comment:

2paw said...

No, I knew that's what you were going to be eating. I have eaten wallaby, but never emu and definitely not muttonbird which my dad loved. Yuck. I am glad it was delicious for you though!!!