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Friday, June 28, 2013

What I Bought at the Alice Springs Banie Festival 2013

I didn't just enter beanies, I bought beanies.  Too many perhaps!

Bobby and MoMo admire a delightful felted helmet piece.  Some less polite observers have referred to this one as the felted rubber glove.  It is a MOST STYLISH dragon helmet.  I wore it all night at the opening of the Beanie Festival and got all sorts of compliments. I even got to meet the maker, which was exciting for both of us!

Bobby and MoMo think this is a quieter, more unobtrustive item, for the less conspicuous moments in life.  Again it is felted, this time nuno felted with some lovely little bits of silk around the brim.  I like to think I look like a woodland pixie in it. (Of course I actually look like a giant with a pimple on top of my head!)

This quiet and stylish number was chosen for, and bought for, George.  It is handspun alpaca in gentlemanly colours with the lovely, stylish little side detail and a handmade porcelain button in a matching shade.  Warm, handsome, perfect, just like George really!

I went back the next day with Baby Bear, who chose three or four colourful and cheerful delights but, rather disappointingly, passed up on the elephant.  I could not resist this gorgeous felted Sorting Hat of a hat and have decided that it automatically qualifies me to teach at Hogwarts.

In the end I had to buy one vaguely sensible item.  This cute and colourful spring meadow complete with bees is delightful and I wore it out tonight.

God I've had fun!!!!!


Bear Chick said...

I particularly like the Sorting Hat and the last, very colorful one, with the bees. Fun!!

2paw said...

Wow, what fantastic beanies. #1 does look a bit rubber glovish, but the last one is beautiful!!!