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Monday, May 27, 2013

Valentine's Day Yarnbombing

We don't usually do much for Valentine's Day - a book, a CD, something like that - but this year I decided to yarnbomb the tree outside our house with knitted and crocheted hearts, for something completely different.  Amusingly, George is so used to me doing bits and pieces of 'stuff' that I made all the components with no attempt to conceal them, and he asked me when I had found time to make it!  I got the kids to help me tie it onto the tree and we had heaps on fun (and yes, they are 19 and 16!).

I kept it up there for about a month...

I was going to take it down after a week, but after finding this note attached to it I decided that I would keep it up longer.  I don't know who left the note but I was so chuffed to find such a sweet recognition of what I had done!


2paw said...

Well, what a lovely note!! You did well to make the bombs without 'anyone' noticing!!!

Catherine McEver said...

Just saw this - love the yarn bombed tree.