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Monday, November 28, 2011

Take a Stitch Tuesday (TAST)

Anyone interested in this?

Have a look at the Pintangle blog.  The idea is that every Tuesday the author of the blog posts an embroidery stitch and participants learn it, experiement with it, and post a picture of it.  Participation every week for a year is NOT compulsory.  This is some of what she says about it:

The challenge is free

Skill level:
All skill levels are welcome

How does it work?
Each Tuesday I will post a challenge stitch for the week. You work an example of the stitch. Learn the stitch, experiment a bit, take it a bit further if you have time then photograph it, and load it to stitchin fingers or put it on your flickr site or write about it on your blog. Then you come back here, leave a comment on the post where I posed the challenge and tell everyone where they can see your sample.

If you are busy and want to swing in and out of the challenge as life dictates that is fine too. I cant make it more guilt free than that. Simply put all who want to stitch are welcome. However, last time people that worked all the stitches said that they learnt a lot! Even stitches that did not initially appeal to them, they learnt from, discovered a way of working and sometimes were surprised to find they enjoyed them.
When does it start?
The first Tuesday in the new year which is January 3rd. It will run from this blog every Tuesday after that.'

I thought it might be fun to at least dip in and out of.  I remember seeing some of the results of the 2010 challenge and they were interesting.  I thought it might encourage me to learn, build upon and force myself to document some new embroidery skills.


2paw said...

It does look interesting, I'll keep an eye on it!!

Melissa said...

What a great idea. I'm popping over now to sign up.

mrspao said...

My embroidery is ghastly so I'd better just watch :-)

Jan said...

That looks like a good idea and I like that nothing is compulsory about it. However, while I sew, I don't do much stitching and think I'll give it a miss, even with no pressure.

I'm just at the end of NaBloPoMo although I've missed two days of the month. Didn't do Blogtoberfest this year.

karen said...

loving all the buttons you are producing!!!