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Thursday, May 19, 2011

My Creative Space

I have been wanting to do My Creative Space for ages but the whole going back to work thing stymied that.  By Thursday night when I get home I tend to be so tired that I might do a few minutes of something crafty after dinner and then resort to playing Tetris on my phone because my brain hurts so much.Posted by Picasa

But I decided that it would be better to make an effort sometimes at least.  So here is my first My Creative Space.  I have been working on this cowl for some time now.  It is is Tilting Tardis from Ravelry (sorry, no link to hand, and typing this while pasta is cooking so not much time to look it up!)  I am knitting it in a Wendy sock yarn.  It is mostly bamboo with some nylon and is soooo soft, just right for my poor neck which finds almost anything scratchy.  I bought it to knit socks but didn't really like it for sock knitting, it was slippery and splitty.  So of course I choose a lace project instead ... actually, on larger, wooden needles it was less slippery and splitty.

It's almost finished, I just have to knit a few more rows of garter stitch, cast off, sew the ends in and find some appropriate buttons.  That should be fun.

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2paw said...

I sometimes use sock wool for something else too and I am a recent convert to cowls and yours looks great.
I remember how my brain would be fried after school, sometimes it just needs a rest.

karen said...

I used to be so tired too when I got home from work...zombie style infact. I am so pleased you managed to do even a tiny bit of something. x

Kuka said...

oooh it looks like it will be lovely! I kitted myself a cowl for my trip overseas in january, and it was really very cosy - i think i might need a few more too =)