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Tuesday, January 04, 2011


Well, so far so good.  The packing continues at a snail's pace, but a bit more is done every day.  The necessary legal documents have been obtained, so the estate agent can start to market our house properly.

And I have applied for two jobs.  This has me terrified but also a little excited.  It took me a good three hours to rewrite my CV and write two application letters.  My last CV dated from 1990.  There were two/three jobs to add to that (two library jobs and one editing job).  I could barely remember the person I was when I wrote that CV in 1990.  I sounded like a busy professional with impressive skills.  Hopefully I still sound that way!

I am being choosy, though.  I am only applying for library jobs that actually sound as though they will be interesting and where I genuinely think I can contribute to the workplace.

And it is January 4th and so far I have not spent any money on the things I said I was restricting myself on.  OK, only four days, but I believe one has to beat addictions one day at a time!


Bear Chick said...

Four days of keeping a resolution is awesome! Sometimes I haven't been able to make one day... Good luck on all the transitions you're making right now.

2paw said...

Well done!! That sounds like hard work too. If I remember correctly, only 17 more days to go until you establish your good habits!!