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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Stage Three Funding!!!

Yay!!!  We have just heard that Wombat had been granted Stage Three funding for secondary school.  That's what he has been on in primary school, but many kids go down a level in secondary school, and that is rarely a good thing.  We believe that we will not have to reapply and that it will stay in place until he finishes school, which is FANTASTIC!!!  This gives him a reasonable amount of aide funding for the very necessary assistance he needs.  

His new school this year has been brilliant and he has made lots of progress, enough for us to be reasonably happy about him starting at a state secondary school next year.  We have looked at many schools all over Melbourne but settled on the local secondary school just round the corner.  They have a reasonably good integration program and are very close at hand if disasters need to be dealt with.

Baby Bear has also decided to go there.  She had been getting increasingly unhappy at her school and we think the move will be a positive change for her.

I have just been around to deliver a bottle of bubbly to the teacher who put so much work into the funding application for us.  She deserved it!!!


Miriam said...

hey Judy!
thanks for the comment on my blog, love your beading work :)

KarenS said...

Good news about the funding. Good news too for Modom, if she wasn't enjoying Blackburn any more - Ken became a new person when he changed from BoxHill to Blackburn.