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Sunday, March 23, 2008


Two pairs of oddball socks for me. Finished ages ago but not photographed until last week. I am now using sock leftovers to make a mitred square blanket - not very original, but it's fun to pick up every once in a while and do and it looks nice.

The bottom pair I have just finished for George. They are a Regia cotton/wool blend. I have had lots of problems with tension knitting cotton/wool blends, as opposed to the normal sock wools, but these ones I made on a size smaller needle and they worked out prfectly. He is pleased!

I am knitting a jacket in green Jet for moi ATM and it is coming along nicely on the cooler days when I can bear to touch it. Now we are having something actually resembling autumn I hope to get it finished soon. And then there's the mystery knitted object for TAFE - of which more later...
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Sometimes Unwilling Guru said...

That heat wave must be bad ,a few people have talked about it!!
We had 8' on Easter Monday morn and it was trackie weather all day!!!Great for knitting!! Hope it cools off soon!