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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Beaded Brooches

I haven't had the energy or inclination to blog for a long time, but I think I am back.

First of all there was the finishing off of the year's work at TAFE, whilst contending with a teacher with whom I disliked working and who caused me a lot of angst. I was finally pleased with my major project (another post) but everything else I did in the whole second semester felt uncreative and stifling and I just could not work happily with her. Still, that is over and done with (and I passed!) and next year WILL be a better year.

Then as soon as that finished, all hell broke loose with poor old Wombat and school and we've really been through the mill there. Again, another post. Suffice it to say that he is at home rather than at school (though still enrolled - for administrative reasons) and will be going to another school next year. It has been rather time and energy consuming.

BUT ... here are some beaded brooches I have made to sell in a christmas exhibition. I will be surprised if more than one or two sell - they are not over-priced but I am having trouble finding appropriate retail outlets for them. I thought it was worth trying this one - apart from anything else I find it soothing to make them and I needed something soothing!

While finishing my major project off, and doing these brooches, I realised that I was beading more by feel than by sight! So I went off to get my eyes tested - I used to have reading glasses when I did a lot of computer work, but in recent years have not needed them - and got a new prescription (yes my eyes have got worse!) and two smart new pairs of reading glasses.

Today I have to go and enroll for next year at TAFE. I am outrated that they insist on us going in and filling in forms in person on a specific day - they sell themselves as a 21st centurym forward-thinking tertiary institution and they are using EXACTLY the same re-enrollment proecures as when I was first at university in 1979! I begged to be allowed to do it over the phone but that, apparently, would involve the admin staff actually having to do some administration, which they refuse to do. And why the *** can't we do it online!!!!

Much later - have returned from TAFE. Surreal morning punctuated by constant texts from Baby Bear saying she had a headache and wanted to go home from school, and a call from Wombat saying he couldn't find the dog (who was having a quiet doggy moment behind the water tank, it turned out!) Go into relevant department office and stand patiently behind a second year student. My turn. Second year? No, I;m third year. Oh, then do you mind if I serve the six people behind you first, because they are all second year and I will have to find the third year folder. I shout. Fill in forms in between helping Wombat find the dog over the phone and texting Baby Bear to tell her to leave me alone for ten minutes while I finish off, and for goodness sake to go to the sick bay while she was waiting. Go to have details (same as the last two years) filled in by person on computer. Go to pay fees (10% off if paid today). Form not signed. Shout. Pay fees.

Phone school to say that Baby Bear can go home. Phone Wombat at home to say that she will be home before me. Go and have coffee and toasted croissant and read bad newspaper in attempt to calm down. Wombat reminds me that I had promised to buy him some sweets - a particular sort, easily obtainable in Glen Waverley. He gives me explicit directions to newsagent near station that sells them. I point out that that's nice, but I am in Box Hill (different suburb and station). Spend 20 minutes trying to find these sweets before giving up and going to supermarket and standing in long queue. Finally get home. Baby Bear's headache is better and she is alternately playing the piano VERY LOUDLY or playing with Wombat on the Eye Toy. Thank god for coffee.
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Jessica said...

ohhhhhhhhhh I feel your pain.
I too had to line up and enroll at tafe on a particular day at the designated time. Then contend with centrelink because my study commitments/parenting commitments don't fit in one of their perfect little boxes.

Luckily we have crafts to keep us sane.

Jejune said...

Good to see you back :)

Man, I know what you mean about the kids and the educational bureaucracy - I had to home school my Asperger's son all through high school, and provide support my ADHD daughter for all written assignments through school (hey, I'm still doing that one), and contend with chronic illness (ditto), and now serious chronic illness with my daughter, and honestly, it NEVER LETS UP, does it?

Would you believe that when I called my daughter's school to advise them of our new address (we moved house 2 weeks ago) they said they couldn't take this information from me over the phone, they needed DOCUMENTATION of our new address - like the LEASE! New 'Departmental Policy'. Yeah, you probably would believe it... :/

Glad the beading has given you some respite (despite the difficult teacher)... hope things settle down over the summer.

KarenS said...

Glad you're still in the land of the living, if only tenuously at times! Kids should be banned from using mobiles more than once per hour during the day, LOL. Thank god I never had one when mine were at school!
Will get in touch at some stage - still 'helping' at my bro's work - seems to have grown to 4 or 5 days/week, although he interviewed a prospective part-time PA today, so help is at hand!
Hope the weather stays reasonably civilised - have you got some flash new skinny minnie togs yet, so you can camp in the pool when it's hot?

Jill said...

Yay! You're back!
Sorry to hear about the ongoing aggravation with Wombat's schooling - I do hope next year brings better things.

Your beaded brooches are lovely. Unfortunately, the faces don't quite speak to me, or I'd be putting dibs on one pronto.

Congratulations on the weight loss, too. Very exciting.